ANDREW (CEO Anxiety Free Living)

"In the time that I have  known Jo, she has shown commitment,  passion, consistency, courage and a massive amount of willingness to do what needs to be done in order to grow herself, support others and take the actions necessary to create epic results. What stands out most about Jo is  her natural softness, empathy and ability to understand and support another through their transformation. There is also a clear connection to her passion and mission in life. Every  bit of  feedback I have seen has  been exceptional with massive praise for her coaching skills  and natural ability to hold  the space for personal transformation."


GEORGIA (Personal Trainer)

"Just wow! I’ve had some time to really delve into some personal stuff with Jo. She allowed me to be with my feelings, made it ok for me to show up and be with my emotions and reminded me to come back within. Her values really aligned with me... I’m incredibly grateful for her time as she’s been such a massive part in my personal growth. Thank you Jo. You made me feel seen, heard and loved. Thank you!"


RYAN (Business Coach)

"Jo is a QUEEN of creating and delivering optimal experiences. Her presence alone was enough to create a change for me... add in her magical mind and art of transformational and simplistic coaching... MIND BLOWN. The space I am in now is FEELING super optimised with my mental health and wellbeing - filling up my own cup as a priority - so I can GIVE from overflow. A HUGE shift for me, given that I was feeling drained and deflated. Jo, you are a QUEEN".