Home & Hub

"We are the sum total of those we surround ourselves with." 

Looking to create or join a home and hub for likeminded soul-driven entrepreneurs or individuals. Why!?

1) Research has been linked with our environment contributing to our overall WELLBEING and PRODUCTIVITY.

2) We are the sum total of those we surround ourselves with. Imagine being in a positive, uplifting and inspiring space - daily. Community is key.

3) Human beings perform best and are most productive when they alternate between periods of intense focus and intermittent renewal. We get to set this team culture in our space.

4) Shared VALUES and motivation for GOAL STRIVING.

5) Connection, accountability and support.


Does this sound like you?

  • You are ready for 2020 to be your best year yet.

  • You value wellbeing and living a thriving life as your flourishing self.

  • You have an appreciation of beauty and excellence when it comes to creating a thriving life and keeping your space tidy - understanding that our external results are reflective of our internal state.

  • You want to enjoy the process of goal striving, just as much as getting to those end outcomes.

  • Positive relationships are important to you.

  • You consider yourself a conscious individual, with above the line thinking.

  • You can take yourself lightly - easy going, down to earth, with a value for growth and progression.

  • You are cultivating an abundance mindset.

Now is the time!

  • According to Jay Shetty, successful and wealthy people spend no more that 20% of their earnings on rent. I am also mindful of this benchmark - and the importance of investing money into growth, business, health, savings and so forth.

  • Rentals in Mildura, Vic start from $280 weekly for a 3 or 4 bedroom home, ideally converting one room into a study or office space.

  • If you would like to do a year in Mildura, or are local, and this is sounding like a way to meet your needs of business progression, financial freedom with savings, and community - please email me over at jo@jokathleenmarie.com.

  • If you are based elsewhere and this resonates - still get in touch to chat! There's every chance and opportunity for an interstate or overseas adventure at some stage.