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Strengthen Your Wellbeing in the Workplace with Character Strengths


Discover & Explore Your Core Signature Strengths.

Apply below for the online 1-hour small group session! This is for those who are curious about exploring their character strengths to strengthen their wellbeing in the workplace during this time.

Why are character strengths important?

"When you discover your greatest strengths, you can learn to use them to handle stress and life challenges, become happier, and develop relationships with those who matter most to you." (VIA Institute)

DATE: Wednesday 29 July 2020 at 2PM

TICKETS: $20 per person

For any enquiries please email 

This package includes a digital workbook, your strengths test and access to the 'Strengthen Your Wellbeing In The Workplace with Character Strengths' session.

By the end of this workshop you will:

  • Know your core signature character strengths

  • Gain awareness of how you might be using these unconsciously

  • Understand how using strengths improves our wellbeing

  • Have the steps to increase your awareness of strengths

Upon registering, you will be sent an invoice via SQUARE followed by your workshop materials!