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(Yoga Instructor & Teacher)

"I reached out to Jo because I felt stuck with old habits and I knew it was time to find a coach. Jo has the amazing ability to listen and connect the dots. She is passionate and full of knowledge and has the gift to work through old habits, turn them into new powerful beliefs.  I never felt judged or pressured which to me is very important. The reason I enjoy working with Jo is that in a short amount of time I was able to see a huge personal transformation. I recommended this to anyone who wants to change and turn their life around. To anyone who is eager to learn and understand themselves better. I promise you it is worth it."



(CEO Anxiety Free Living)

"In the time that I have  known Jo, she has shown commitment,  passion, consistency, courage and a massive amount of willingness to do what needs to be done in order to grow herself, support others and take the actions necessary to create epic results. What stands out most about Jo is  her natural softness, empathy and ability to understand and support another through their transformation. There is also a clear connection to her passion and mission in life. Every  bit of  feedback I have seen has  been exceptional with massive praise for her coaching skills  and natural ability to hold  the space for personal transformation."


(Business Owner)


"Wow what an incredible coach. In one session I was able to break through old thought patterns which were keeping me stuck in both my business and personal life. I have now broken down the walls ready to take on life with a new found sense of purpose and self love. Thank you for connecting me in with me again (and) helping me find the real me that I was trying to hide."

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(Music Student)


"Jo is a great teacher. She motivates me to work towards being a better guitarist and have fun in the process. She is patient and encouraging while I take my time working it all out!""