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Hey, I'm Jo! Personal Development Coach, Positive Psychology Practitioner,

Mindfulness Teacher, Music Mentor and founder of Create Your Life Academy.

I specialise in coaching individuals and groups for positive change using a strengths-based approach, to enhance wellbeing, build resilience, and provide strategies for life optimisation.

I integrate mindset coaching into my tailored sessions and workshops, to enhance learning, engagement, perseverance and core confidence.

My Story

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It took for Jo Kathleen Marie to hit rock bottom before discovering her purpose in life. The personal development coach, musician and 'conscious content creator' hasn’t always been the positive, bubbly and full of life person she is now. Only a few years ago, Jo had overworked herself to the point that she (couldn't) leave the house. 


“I went through a period of time with anxiety and depression. I wasn’t taking care of myself,” she says. "I was ready to check out.” It was after seeing the quote, “Pain can be your greatest teacher if you allow it to be,” that Jo began to turn her life around.


“Something just clicked and I thought if I can get through this then I can help others,” she says. “My first step to recovery was making myself a tea and sitting outside on the step. It doesn't seem like a big deal but it was."


“For me going through my own mental health battle set something off in my mind and I was ready to learn about my mum and get myself out of it. Honouring her memory and wanting to leave a legacy was why I moved into well-being and coaching.”

While her road to recovery hasn’t been an easy one, Jo says it’s one that has now put her on the right path to help others.


Caitlyn Morgan, Sunraysia Life.

Pain can be your greatest teacher, if you allow it to be.

How Did I Get Here?


During my career in the Music Industry, I noticed there was a major need for more self-care practices and solution-focus to improve wellbeing. I began to question, How can we build wellbeing? How can we experience a thriving life?

As a life-longer learner, these questions led me back to University, to explore Positive Psychology, Life Coaching and Mindfulness. Like music genres, this is my coaching style, along with a genuine passion to support my clients to unlock their potential and experience a thriving life as their best selves.

What first began as an extensive research project to navigate my way to better mental health and re-wire my brains response to trauma, soon became the inspiration behind Create Your Life Academy.

We all face challenges in life. My experiences have taught me that changes that seem small and unimportant at first will compound into remarkable results if you’re willing to stick with them.

I'm here to help you bridge the gap from where you are, to where you would like to be, whilst enjoying the process of getting there, not just the end outcome!

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Change doesn't happen by chance, it happens by choice.

Street Cred

Nationally Accredited and Certified Life Coach

Graduate in Positive Psychology with Distinction

Certified Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher

Bachelor of Music Industry Degree

Advanced Diploma in Music Performance

Qualified in Business Management

Mental Health First Aider Accreditation

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