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Jo Kathleen Marie

Positive Psychology Practitioner, Wellbeing Scientist, Coach, Facilitator, Community Leader, and Founder Mental Health Mallee.


I specialize in coaching individuals and groups for positive change using a strengths approach to unlock potential, enhance wellbeing, build resilience, and provide strategies for life optimization.


During my career in the Music Industry, I noticed a there was a need for a solution-focus toward mental health. I began to question: "How can we experience a thriving life?"​


This question led me to further study in Positive Psychology, Coaching, Leadership, Mindfulness and Business Management.


My personal philosophy to be a lifelong learner has opened doors beyond my wildest dreams including presenting my research at the IPPA World Congress, and a special invite into the Golden Key International Honour Society.

My mission is to bring wellbeing to the heart of communities. I've delivered programs and workshops to clients including Mildura Rural City Council, Mildura Regional Development, Air Locker, Chemist Warehouse and Northern Mallee Leaders Inc.

As co-founder of Mental Health Mallee, I lead wellness initiatives to be of service towards a collective vision of 'Health & Wellbeing For All' in Regional Victoria, Australia.

“...commitment,  passion, consistency, courage and a massive amount of willingness to do what needs to be done to grow herself, support others and take the actions necessary to create epic results. Every bit of feedback I have seen has been exceptional with massive praise for her coaching skills and natural ability to hold space for personal transformation".

Andrew Pearce, Coach & Mentor

I learn & grow
to be of service.

  • Masters in Applied Positive Psychology

  • Nationally Accredited Life Coach

  • Certified Meditation Mindfulness Teacher

  • Accredited Mental Health First Aider

  • Graduate Micro Credential in Leadership

  • Graduate Certificate in Creative Industries

  • Bachelor Of Music Industry

  • Advanced Diploma in Music Performance

  • Certificate IV in Business Management


We all have a story to share.

My Story

"It took for Jo Kathleen Marie to hit rock bottom before discovering her purpose." - Sunraysia Life


In my early 20's, I hit the "red zone" with my mental health after years of ignoring the warning signs. I had avoided processing the grief of losing my mum and the father-figure in my life. I thought I was coping prioritising work, high academic achievement and other people before myself. I was seemingly “living the music industry dream” but I felt disconnected and miserable.


Eventually, it all caught up with me.

I was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder, and had been in and out of hospital with chronic pain when my relationship had come to an end. Living in a city away from home without a support system, triggered the onset of Mental Illness.

Living with debilitating anxiety and depression affected my ability to function as normal. Leaving the house, grocery shopping and commuting to work would trigger panic attacks. After months of this, I began thinking the only way to make it stop, was to not be here anymore. A false illusion of pain-free peace.

I call this life chapter my “dark night of the soul”. I was standing at the crossroads until I felt divinely drawn to see if I could rewire my brain and trauma-response. I loved projects so this would quite literally become my life’s work.


What I didn't realise at the time, was that I had stopped listening to the Fixed Mindset that believed it was stuck forever and couldn't grow through this experience. I had a glimmer of hope that if I could pull myself out of this, maybe I could help someone one day.

My entire life changed when I changed the lens I was looking through. The Growth Mindset knew that the pain I was experiencing could be my greatest teacher if allowed it to be.


My first step to recovery was making a cup of tea and sitting outside on the step. This was Day 1 of my commitment to heal, learn and grow. I was ready to do the work to get to the "green zone" with my health and live a thriving life.

Small steps compound into remarkable results over time. All these small steps, have led me to experiencing a thriving life, free from the tight grip of anxiety and depression.

I'm here to empower and help set YOU up for success with your wellbeing, life and goals!

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